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Nordic Cleantech Venture Capital Guide is a new tool that consists of three features all designed to evaluate and improve your company in order to enhance chances to attract investments.



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Top 10 Nordic Cleantech Open Announced

The ten companies represent the very best and most innovative within novel Nordic cleantech. The companies have been selected through a very thorough selection among over 100 applicants.”The large participation of industrial companies in the jury means great possibilities for the participating companies, not only to find investors but also to find future development partners and customers” says Magnus Agerström, Managing Director, Nordic Cleantech Open.The top 10 will be presenting at the Cleantech Capital Day in Malmö 19 May where the audience will take part in picking the winners.

The top 10 are;

Free Energy Innovation
Nordic Power Convertors

We congratualte the top 10 and look forward to seeing their final pitch at the Cleantech Capital Day in Malmö. For more information about the companied visit the Nordic Cleantech Open website or read the press release. 

Cleantech Capital Day

19-21 May 2015, Malmö

Join investors and industrials from all over the world and meet the most promising cleantech companies in Scandinavia and Europe!

The event will focus on:
* The Globalization of Cleantech
* Cleanweb - the next big thing in Cleantech
* Growth Stage Investing
* A Global Energiewende
* Clean Water Markets

Cleantech Capital Day is also featuring:

* Nordic Cleantech Open Finals
* Malmö Cleantech City Awards
* One-to-one meetings
* Cleantech in Action Tours, and
* Plenty of networking and good coffee

Cleantech Scandinavia Capital Day in Malmö is partnered by Invest in Skane and Malmö Stad. More information on the event website.

Press Release Nordic Cleantech Open cycle 4

The emergence of cleantech companies in the Nordic countries is increasing- Nordic Cleantech Open hits new record!

For the fourth consecutive year, the number of applying startup companies to the Nordic Cleantech Open has increased. This year, 111 young, innovative cleantech companies from Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Estonia applied. The quality of companies is very high overall, says project manager Olof Blomqvist, Cleantech Scandinavia. We see companies with innovations from a wide spectrum such as new materials, new transport solutions, energy efficiency and renewable energy amongst the applicants.

Internet of Things is invading - a clear shift in the cleantech sector!

This year we see a clear generational change in the cleantech sector, there is a strong trend that more and more of those who apply have a clear ICT focus. This converges with the rapidly growing cleantech areas Internet of Things, Smart Energy Systems and Smart Transport Solutions.

Read the full Press Release here, in Swedish here

Read more about the Nordic Cleantech Open here

Nordic Cleantech Venture Capital Guide - Attract Investment

We are marketing a new tool that will help cleantech entrepreneurs attract investments. The tool consists of three features all designed to evaluate and improve the company in order to enhance chances to attract investments. It’s easy, for more details regarding the features read here or visit the webpage to get your access. In no time, you will take one big step closer to securing an investment for your cleantech company.


Dealflow Report 2013 shows come-back for investments in Nordic cleantech

The annual Dealflow Report has just been released to our members, showing a positive development for all the curves in 2013. The highest number of deals since 2007 was reported and the inflow of capital increased by 20 % compared to 2012. The increase is derived almost entirely from private investements whereas the level of public funding remained roughly the same.

Nordic Cleantech Open, top 25

We are very proud to present the top 25 Nordic Cleantech start-ups. This third edition of the Nordic Cleantech Open competition saw a record breaking 107 cleantech companies applying. An international jury of more than 50 influential representatives from multinational companies and venture capital has been involved in selecting this year’s top 25. 

Download the top 25 report here and read all about the chosen companies, the jury and three interviews with previous winners of the competition. You can also find the press release here,  and the swedish version here.

Nordic Camp at Trolleholm Castle

This was the third time we held the Nordic Camp at Trolleholm Castle. Every time it has been special and great in its own way but we still think this was the best camp so far. There were more investors, more industrials, better program, better weather and more and better Nordic Cleantech Open top 25 companies. The video does not fully describe the weekend but gives a few snap shots of some of the things that went down.


A discussion on China's new policy

On November 12 between 08.30 - 12.00 our partners and new members Deloitte are holding a seminar in Stockholm that will give a comprehensive overview of China's new policies regarding deregulation and anti-corruption reforms. A special focus is on how Swedish (or European) companies are going to be affected by them. Magnus Agerström, Managing Director of Cleantech Scandinavia will have a word about China's clentech market. Read more in Events »

Members' meeting and NCO companies in London

15 and 16 October were eventful days for Cleantech Scandinavia. Having partnered with Ecosummit London we participated in this great event and held a parallel members-only meeting on the topic of Enablers of Cleantech Venturing. There was a great turnout of members as well as specially invited venture and institutional investors, and we had an interesting discussion about the current situation with cleantech VC investments, fundriasing for VC funds and the outlook for the future. In addition to the meeting, three early applicants to Nordic Cleantech Open presented at the Ecosummit main session on October 16: Aguasol and Resen Energy from Denmark and Graphene Batteries from Norway. Watch the video featuring company presentations and the breath taking Ecosummit venue - The Crystal.

Ecosummit London from Nordic Cleantech Open on Vimeo.


Professor Lars Samuelson to the Hall of Fame

Professor Lars Samuelson, director of the Nanometer Structure Consortium, was inducted to Cleantech Scandinavia Hall of Fame at an award ceremony at the Cleantech Venture Day in Malmö. He is the first Swede and researcher added to the distinguished group. This award is a tribute to his achievements but also the crucial importance of his and others business - driven researchers in cleantech growth.


Success at Cleantech Venture Day in Malmö

Thank you everyone who contributed to Cleantech Venture Day in Malmö! It was a pleasure seeing all of you - over 60 cleantech companies from the Nordics and Estonia, and over 55 investors! We had great fun and are especially grateful to our friends and partners from Cleantech Lahti. It will not be long till next event though, Corporate Venture Day will take place in Finland, Lahti already on November 20! See pictures from both days »


Tomologic - Winner of the Nordic Cleantech Open 2012!

Swedish Tomologic won the title of the best Nordic cleantech start - up of 2012 at the NCO finals in Finland last week. The event's audience of over 100 investors, industrials and entrepreneurs voted and helped deciding the winner. Finnish Ultranat came in second place, and the third place was shared by Danish Black Silicon Solar and Finnish MetGen. 
Tomologic is a Stockholm based company that offers a scalable online optimization service for sheet metal cutting. The process reduces scrap from raw material in this energy intensive industry up to 50%. It was clearly a combination of Tomologics smart technology and go-to-market strategy that swinged, which earned them the number one spot.


What's in store for industrial capital in the Nordics?

The latest additions to Cleantech Scandinavia network, Evonik Corporate Venturing and Volvo Technology Transfer, inspired us to analyse the current market situation from the point of view of an industrial VC. We believe that industrials have a much bigger role to play as cleantech investors and potentially LPs, and that it will benefit both their core businesses as well as accelerate commercialising clean technologies, an area where funding is most needed. Read and share your ideas for the next CTS Industry Group Meeting due this fall!

Markku Koivisto is the next Hall of Fame nominee!

markku_koivisto_webMarkku Koivisto, Director of UPM ProFi was awarded The Scandinavian Cleantech Hall of Fame nomination during the Cleantech Venture Day in Lahti, Finland, on November 4th. He joins two people that are already in there, Lassi Noponen and Alf Bjørseth.
UPM ProFi is a business unit of UPM, one of the biggest wood product companies in the world, that manufactures a wood plastic composite material utilising the waste streams from the existing production. The material has superior qualities and can also be used for substituting tropical hardwood.
The official motivation for the award is: For changing the way a big company does business by turning waste and CO2 emissions into a business opportunity. The rapid growth of the UPM ProFi business unit shows by example that a cleantech business area inside a company can achieve superior results even in hard times. Read more in the Hall of Fame!


Alf Bjørseth in the Hall of Fame!

alfbjrseth_award_resAlf Bjørseth, founder of Norwegian companies REC and Scatec, was inducted to Cleantech Scandinavia’s Hall of Fame during Cleantech Capital Day in Oslo on June 3rd.
Mr. Bjørseth created one of the most successful solar energy companies in the world, and continues to inspire Nordic entrepreneurs. The company went from idea to a stock listing of 50 billion NOK in little over ten years providing the Nordic region with a clear-cut success story of cleantech growth along the way. Alf moved on to manage Scatec, a cleantech venture capital/incubator focusing on renewable energy and environmentally friendly materials.

Check out the Hall of Fame!


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About Cleantech Scandinavia

Cleantech Scandinavia is a membership network of investors and affiliated cleantech professionals designed to:

  • Provide cleantech knowledge, contacts and investment opportunities
  • Be a coordinating voice to promote the Nordic cleantech sector
  • Drive cleantech innovation and growth in the Nordic countries

In addition to our network activities, we also offer consultancy services on an individual assignment basis. Read more about it and  download our fact sheet .

Launch of the Nordic Cleantech Accelerator, a platform for global growth of Nordic cleantech companies.

It has been shown many times that the Nordic region probably is the best region in the world for cleantech innovation. We, at Cleantech Scandinavia, have a front row seat to this and can validate it to be true. Each year we see a great flow of new startups, adding to the 1,000 cleantech companies we have in our databases.

Many of the companies have a fantastic potential to hit the global markets. We have identified that this is a stage where companies, for many reasons, get stuck and have therefore decided to become a driving force for change to achieve the full potential of some of these companies.

The companies will be offered training for global growth and direct access to global markets. This is done in partnership with a great big network of industry partners (such as General Electric, IKEA, Dow, Evonik, Mahle, BASF, GDF Suez and Saint-Gobain), a Real Estate Group, a Cleantech City Group, Service Partners (such as Deloitte, Vinge, Autodesk) and Global Acceleration Partners (such as German Trade & Invest, Munich Network, China Cleantech Accelerator).

China Cleantech Accelerator
China poses a huge market for many of the Nordic cleantech companies. We are convinced that the timing is right now and in order to facilitate growth in China, we have established a Cleantech Accelerator with a base in Shanghai and with a wide network of partners such as Shanghai Electric, Shanghai Aerospace, Yangchen City, Jiaxing City and more. The purpose is to provide companies in the Accelerator with an additional platform to access the Chinese market in an efficient and secure way.

Our ambition is to be a driving force for Nordic cleantech success.